Prints of Original Paintings by Dennis Reinke

Brick & mortar, architecture & stone, sculpture and paint. Sharing the Joy. Spiritual freedom brings freedom in life, and that freedom opened up the whole world of exploration for Dennis. He sees the world quite clearly. . .and that is obvious from his style of painting. Dennis creates the illusion of space and distance with a quick, expressionistic brushstroke.

Dennis studied art along with his career as a father, an architect and bricklayer/stone mason and carried the hands-on and technical discipline as a sculptor in bronze, stone & handcast cotton. Sculptors George Lundeen, Gerald Balciar and the late Fritz White and Hollis Williford were extremely kind at his early sculpting stage in 1988 and several years following. Animal and human anatomy study with Jon Zahourek in sculpture were important in both sculpture and painting. After a kick start painting by Clyde Aspevig in Loveland, Colorado he studied with artists Irving Shapiro, Buffalo Kaplinski and Kim English. Dennis was also intrigued by the luminosity of the work by Maxfield Parrish and use of primary colors. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati School of Architecture and enjoyed Notre Dame Graduate studies in Environics. Whenever possible in his life he participated in life drawing and classes in painting at night school and workshops. Now a watercolor artist he is still excited about exploring along with many current artists in the Wallowa County art community. He has about fifty five rewarding years participating in events across the country and has been honored by many fine patrons, friends, galleries and organizations. The biggest rewards have come from teaching and sharing the Joy.

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